Western Star Recalls Seven Thousand Trucks According To NHTSA

Western Star Recalls Seven Thousand Trucks According To NHTSA
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Western Star 49X. Know that they are now extinct. Accordingly with the seven-thousand twenty-eight. Trucks with potential electrical issues differe from the ones that are affected approximately with 479 trucks for potential steering issues. Both of the recalls affect model years 2017 to 2019.

These being the Western Star 4700s and 4900s alike…

In which case, there is a power stud that happens to pass through the bulkhead. Therefore, the power stud is going to contact the bulkhead and create a result of an electrical arc. Therefore, increasing the risk of fire.

Dealers are replacing the pass-through powerstud along with an electrical arc. Dealers have to contact the DTNA customer service at 1-80054700712 with the recall number of FL-907. The recall also affects the 2021 and 2022 Western Star 49X trucks, where the shaft wants to be proper installed, therefore, unfortunately separating from the steering gear. The dealers will then therefore, inspect the shaft and repair carefully. This, of course, free-of-charge. Owners tend to not drive their cars until the inspection can be performed.

Western Star is a trucking company that has been around since 1967. The trucks are tough enough to handle logging operations as well as oil fields. Chances are, the highway trucks are built similar to work trucks. One by one. Western Stars tend to be engineered enough to save both. Cylinders are fired up all the time for these vehicles. Of course, the cars will pay off big in the following day. Distribution of heavy-duty trucks is [retty well-known around the world. Of course, it had not been built overnight but still with the right team, the company can get their trucks built. And it also takes a bit of sincerity. That’s not something everyone actually has. It all is so difficult to maintain. And rather hard to control. You almost wonder if Western Star meant it.

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