Volvo Trucks Ordered Off The Road

Volvo Trucks Ordered Off The Road
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The US Department of Transportation has ordered some Volvo trucks out of service stating they are unsafe after a notice issued by the company. Only the trucks that are yet to be repaired are ordered off the road.

A recall has been announced by the North American division of Volvo Trucks for some 2016-2017 VNL, VNM and VNX trucks made between May 2015 and March 2016. FMCSA states that these trucks could have been built without any roll pin that is normally placed on the steering shaft. It means that the lower shaft can get disconnected from the junction block. Moreover, the bolt that connects the upper and lower shafts not being properly tightened. All of the above can cause separation of the steering shaft without any warning leading to steering loss that can result in a crash.

FMSCA issued an Urgent Safety Bulleting in March encouraging owners of the above mentioned trucks contact Volvo before continuing to operate them. The administration announced only the removal of the trucks that had not been repaired. All the owners of trucks that must be out of service need to comply. Disregarding federal out of service orders can lead to civil penalties and criminal charges.

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  1. sarah

    when i first saw this i was shocked but i continue to read till i saw what was said to be done by those who owns them because i have a brother who drives one of this on and off road would contact him immediately thanks for sharing such a life saving article

  2. charles

    Good thing they allowed the public know before any incident was recorded

  3. Nancy McKnabb

    WOW! What a scary situation. If one of those trucks comes apart it would kill a lot of people. I am glad they are telling the public.

  4. Erica

    Another recall? Not that I am totally upset because better safe than sorry. And this affects not only the car owners, but passengers, other motorists and more. With all of these recalls lately, maybe we need to look for a common denominator and work to address it.

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