Volvo Locks Down Their Widest U.S. Order For Electric Trucks

Volvo Locks Down Their Widest U.S. Order For Electric Trucks
Volvo is creating trucks specifically for Maersk.
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If you’ve been keeping a careful eye lately, you know that the driving industry has been having their fill with dealing with fuel sources. Of course, the biggest problems that the auto and truck companies have had to deal with are the very limitations that have been found with internal combustion engines. Of course the real difficulty that exists here is how to get companies to trust that your electric trucks are better than any other truck makers. Luckily, it seems as if Volvo may not have to entirely worry about this, being that 110 of their electric trucks have been bought by Maersk. The VNR Electric tractors offer ideal drayage and local shipping operations at the Southern California’s port complex, in addition to the distribution center network.

Of course, the motor carrier has been developing more electric VNRs to order. The most recent one is bringing the Volvo electric truck fleet up towards 126 vehicles. Plenty of California regulators have been pushing companies to make the transition towards zero-emission trucking in order to reduce smog and pollution within the state. All while allowing for the best transition that typically surrounds the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Volvo doesn’t mess around with truck orders. The client gets what the client wants!

The order is a part of the shipping company’s initial movement to reach about net-zero carbon emissions for global operations. Performance is expected to use the trucks continuously over the next several months. The order tends to be pretty important because it shows how the commercial market for electric Class 8 trucks that tends to grow from the United States’ orders of electric trucks to dominate the freeways.

California is requiring manufacturers to sell 40 and 75 percent of zero-emission trucks by 2035. New York City is offering $185,000 and Massachusetts offers $90,000. Most Class 8 electric trucks will sell for $300,000 per commercial vehicles.

Roger Alm, the president of Volvo Trucks, had this to say. “We are determined to lead the transformation of the transport industry. The interest among customers is high, and it’s quickly becoming a competitive advantage for transporters to be able to offer electric, sustainable transports.”

The electric powertrain can ramp up its horsepower compared to other electric trucks with a rating of 455 horsepower while also creating about 4,051 pound-feet of torque. Volvo says models are offered with 150 to 275 miles of range.

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