Utility Truck Insurance

Does your company deal with beautifying the homes of multiple clients? Taking care of work around the house, such as cleaning the pipes, patching up the roof, or trimming a tree? Maybe your team maintains the neighborhood on a municipal level? In any case, you would benefit greatly from getting SafeLine’s utility truck insurance. We will be happy to provide the coverage that allows your team the peace of mind to operate under every condition.

It’s risky work, and we’re grateful that you bring the trucks around to take care of those heavy-duty chores around the house. So let us repay you by providing the best insurance around so that you can make home improvements without fail.

Why Do I Need Utility Truck Insurance?

In the event of a collision, our policies can protect your business from paying out-of-pocket. It creates fewer headaches on the job and prevents a potential risk of losing thousands of dollars. Additionally, this will allow your employees to save money if they are injured when operating under high-voltage fixtures. Our live representatives will be happy to tell you about the benefits of our liability and physical damage coverage. That way, you can operate underneath powerlines, sending energy throughout the neighborhood.

Who Needs Contractor Truck Coverage?

Any line of utility work deserves our attention. Utility workers like you put themselves in danger in order to bring improvement to areas of your home. For that, we’d like to thank you for our offering of insurance policies. This especially applies if you and your team do utility work for:

  • Artisan Contractors – When your line of work is specifically tailored to handle home maintenance, you’re considered an artisan contractor.
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
    • Roofing
    • Tree Surgery
    • Electricians
  • Municipal Services – When your group associates their work with upholding various jobs around town, you provide a municipal service.
    • Water
    • Sanitary
    • Storm Sewer
    • Telephone
    • Natural Gas
    • Sanitary Sewer

Of course, we can help you no matter what exact field you work in. We can even help you get your USDOT number if you need it! SafeLine Truck Insurance is your one-stop shop for obtaining everything your business needs to succeed.

Contact SafeLine Truck Insurance today, and we’ll get you started right away on your new insurance plan!