Uber Freight Says Artificial Intelligence Will Stop Freight Fraud

Uber Freight Says Artificial Intelligence Will Stop Freight Fraud
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Last week, Uber Freight had announced how there will be many upgrades that will come to the freight platform, given that the technology will allow for freight fraud to be eradicated, while it all shows differentiations of detention times for varied shippers. There have been many updates that have been added to the network, while there have been beyond two million truck owners and drivers as they involve 5,000 shippers. Such updates can come across as standard technology talk for any business. Such updates come across as surface-level tech talk to bigger companies. The Insights AI tool allows for relevant data to be given to those in charge. The procurement platform is useful for shippers to accelerate the bidding process. All while it’s on freight that isn’t quite on the network. All as it leads towards a transport management software suite.

All these tech tools are appropriate for the changing times. However, carriers are likely to receive the feature that allows for assistance to get owner-operators to review as the scientists behind artificial intelligence testify to Congress. The Insights AI Tool had been meant to assist the pursuit to find big shippers, while every part of a load’s movement will be tracked. The Shipper will be told therefore, exactly what happens if anything goes awry or wrong.

This is useful for truckers who have had bad experiences that would be detained at a shipper, while the effort for bringing the compliant over to the beginning of the organization which could highly appeal. In the ecosystem, the GPS tracking would utilize the TMS to set appointments.

Uber Freight would be able to give the small and mid-sized fleets with a quantity of the changes.

Such tools in this case would allow a scan of fraud signals in the system. All while there are suggestions made for carriers to pay attention for varied results.

The concrete statistics aren’t quite there but there may be market benchmarks that can be set on average fraud.

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