Uber becoming the future of logistics?

Uber becoming the future of logistics?
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Uber and truck Shipping

With Uber technologies being one of the biggest rides sharing businesses, they have decided to start a long haul trucking business. Uber is trying to expand the amount of trucks they have from six to fifteen. They are creating partnerships with different truckers. Starting next year, they will partner with other trucking companies to expand their fleet and start their shipping services. Uber technologies are pitching their services to several people them being, service shippers, independent drives as well as truck fleets.

By next year, Otto technologies will start freight services for warehouses and stores. Initially, Otto’s goal was to create self driving technologies but the development of self driving vehicles will not commence for another two decades. With uber being a Silicon Valley new start up business, people are skeptical of them creating a long haul trucking business. Ubers ambition for the start of the logistics will expand within the years and will soon be one of the top freight movers.

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  1. deborah kari

    Great initiative by uber technologies!!! the future and security of our shipping rest on your shoulders.

  2. Logan Buchanan

    As a truck driver myself this may be an alright idea but to Deborah Kari you comment is an insult to every trucker out there that take time away from our family to deliver EVERY load as safe and quickly as we can. You have no idea what we as drivers go through until you live the life. I bet you are also one of the people that likes to cut truckers off too right? I bet you force truckers to have to use less space than our big rigs demand. Well I got news for ya a lot more goes in to driving our rigs than it does with your crappy ass car. Yes I know we have our bad apples like everyone else does. BUT Give us the respect we deserve and bust our asses for and give us the room we need to keep you safe as well as our selves And always remember WE DONT DO FENDER BENDERS

  3. Angeal

    This is mind blowing! Uber is really branching out. Would this addition mean that there will be more jobs open for truckers? Perhaps, giving those with truck driving experience a chance to take on special jobs or train Uber’s drivers. If this can help lower the long hours truck drivers work without cutting into their job earnings, I think this could be a great idea. Truckers can get some rest while Uber freight picks up some extra shifts. Looking forward to see how this will play out.

  4. pamela

    I believe so much in a company with great vision and passion for the society. you have taken the giant step keep it up and maintain progressive moves

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