Trucking Industry Hardware Will Reach $88.9 Billion Globally by 2026

Trucking Industry Hardware Will Reach $88.9 Billion Globally by 2026
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The trucking industry, which includes the “Autonomous Trucking Market by Infrastructure, Trucking Type and Business Model 2021-2026” report, has been adding to’s offering.

Autonomous Trucking Market

In fact, this report does assess the autonomous market, which includes the leading vendors, strategies, products, and service offerings. The report evaluates the autonomous industry by autonomy level, powertrain type, components, and supporting technologies. The report evaluates the impact of key technologies on the autonomous market with forecasts from 2021 through 2026.

Autonomous Hardware Sales Will be Huge!

The specific report findings include autonomous hardware that will reach $88.9 billion globally by 2026. Also Level 5, fully autonomous will reach $21.6 billion globally by 2026. As well North America will be the leading regional market followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, autonomous vehicle-as-a-service as a business model will in fact reach $50.1 billion globally by 2026.

The fatal crashes do involve large trucks rose to rise to 46% in 2020 compared to 2010. This is according to the NHTSA (National Traffic Safety Administration) of the U.S. findings. Also, there are injuries that involve these truck crashes rising to more than 100% during the same period. In fact, the NHTSA observes that 75% of the fatal accidents involve heavy-duty trucks that carry more than 26,000 lbs.

Human-helmed vehicle market is under extreme scrutiny and the industry is, in fact, trying to find a way out in futuristic robotic and visioning technology. This is due to a rising trend of traffic fatalities in the last decade. Moreover, the autonomous industry is expecting to replace human drivers altogether within two decades.

There is a steady shortage of drivers which is another factor pushing industries to find a way out with autonomous technology. Also maintaining the safety and operational problem with human-driven trucks is another crucial factor for this particular autonomous industry.

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