Meal Ticket for Truckers!

Meal Ticket for Truckers!
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has granted a petition over-riding California regulation. This truckers’ petition will anticipate hours of service, which includes meal and rest breaks for commercial motor vehicle drivers.

Due to the recent Black Smoke Matters movement, the FMCSA has been attempting to ease the truckers’ worries for the future.

Before the petition, truckers’ hours were not compatible with federal hours of service and it caused issues with interstate travel.  Truckers were confused if federal law was superseding California’s laws. Therefore, if it did, five hours of work would entitle drivers to thirty-minutes off-duty. Also, after every four hours drivers would earn a ten-minute break or one hour of pay for each day drivers did not receive a rest period.

Democrats urged the FMCSA to deny the truckers’ petition. They claimed that the request would disrupt highway safety and effect the well-being of truck drivers. Contrarily, the FMCSA believes the opposite. If it was not for the benefit of the people or the drivers it would not have been approved. The petition was merely to diminish the gap between state and federal law. Thus, they claim that it does not take-away or add any safeties.

Safety is the FMCSA’s main priority. Consequently, it would not be swayed by the benefits of politicians.

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