Trucker’s Health: Why is it Being so Left Out Nowadays?

Trucker’s Health: Why is it Being so Left Out Nowadays?
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A survey found that 88 % of truck drivers will more likely suffer from obesity. That’s just one of the dangers that truck drivers are facing.

A survey from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health found the frequency of obesity among truck driver is more than two times higher than the working population of the country.

Critic’s industry leaders say not enough is done for truck drivers to stay healthy, despite awareness posters and changes on food options at truck stops.

Siphiwe Baleka, once a champion swimmer for Yale University, believes there is a lack of education and tools provided for truck drivers to have healthy lifestyles.

Siphiwe Baleka, who just barely missed out on qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team, now works as a truck driver.

As a former swimmer, being physically fit was always a part of his life. However, after he became a truck driver, he gained 15 Lbs., which is 10 % of his total body weight, which only proofs the study results conducted among truck drivers.

Currently, he runs Fitness Trucking and is considered the most recognized health advocates. It’s not surprising that he got the title of ‘’the fitness guru of the trucking industry”.

Baleka is mostly concerned about an incredible apathy in the trucking industry, especially related to the health crisis.

In one of his interviews, he talked about delusion that health screenings are really doing something.

He also called it ‘’criminally negligent’’ to send these ‘’good men and women out into this unique environment without proper preparations, or consideration on their well-being”. The health risks that truck drivers are running as a result of sleep deprivations, as well as other factors, are huge.

As a solution to this problem, truck stops are making changes, which aims at lessening the burden on drivers.

Nowadays, the food choices on the roads are getting better. It’s no longer uncommon to find salads along with fresh fruits, even in a smaller truck stops.

The Stay Fit program at Petro Stopping Centers features healthier food options and workout facilities, which will help travelers stay fit while being on the road.





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