Truckers Evade A Mask-Querade! CDC Doesn’t Need Them To Wear

Truckers Evade A Mask-Querade! CDC Doesn’t Need Them To Wear
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We live in bizarre times, where the Super Bowl is no longer that big of a deal, Marilyn Manson is just now being seen as a creep and truckers, apparently, don’t need to wear masks. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, there’s more surprises. Truck drivers are exempt from the latest mask mandate, so long as they aren’t carrying a humans as cargo.

This of course, is news noteworthy of reading, in accordance with the COVID-19 restrictions. They have been so with an understanding of how bad it’s gotten. The coronavirus pandemic has become terrible within the past year or so.

Granted, when the CDC made this exemption. This order did include a certain population of passengers on public transit to follow the mask-wearing guidelines themselves. This is upon examples of buses, taxis, airplanes, and trains as well as ride-shares. It doesn’t explicitly state that truckers have to wear masks themselves. It’s pretty plain for us to see as we are in the midst of the pandemic. But still. The masks, while collectible, are very annoying to wear.

I would even say that there are mask-culturists. Some will want to maintain this agenda for so many years after the pandemic. Truckers however are not the kind of drivers that would take it laying down. They would want to get on the road and take into account that the FMCSA is issuing COVID-19 waivers to learn regulators.

Trucking as a whole has not been made immune from the worries over COVID-19. But someday things will get better for both truckers and the individuals receiving these goods from the most efficient in the business.

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