Trucker Spots Santa’s Reindeer

Trucker Spots Santa’s Reindeer
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A trucker thinks he might have spotted Santa’s reindeer on a snowy Newfoundland highway, and he showed the world the proof.

Jason White says a herd of caribou, also known as reindeer, stopped in the middle of the Trans-Canada Highway near Deer Lake. As soon as he spotted them, White knew he had to get some video, especially for his youngest son. There was no other traffic, so White was able to get close to the animals.

White shot a video and posted it to his Facebook page on a Thursday in November. He said in his post that he believed Santa’s reindeer might have gotten lost on the west coast of Newfoundland. By the following Friday, about 3,800 people viewed the video. As of now, the video has received 55,000 views and 687 shares. Journalists jumped on the story and spread the word about the sighting of Santa’s reindeer.

One trucker joked in a comment that White should have herded up the animals to help his truck “fly around.” White quipped back that this would have helped him get home sooner.

Parents Remind Kids That Santa Is Close

The video of the reindeer on the road thrilled White’s youngest son, who is two. White said he had to play it “about 10 times” when he got home from work. White said people’s reactions to the video were overwhelming. Some local parents showed their children the video and reminded them to be good, pointing out that Santa was close.

Reindeer are native to the arctic regions. They live in northern Europe, Siberia, and of course, North America. They are famous for their antlers. The reindeer is the only deer species in which females, as well as males, grow antlers.

Only one reindeer didn’t show up for the photo op. None of the animals had Rudolph’s famous red nose.



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