Tow Truck Insurance

tow truck insurance

When you are an owner-operator of a tow truck or you have a business that relies on tow trucks, you have to take care of your investment. After all, your clients rely on you with their vehicles so you need to guarantee their cars are safe with you. You must be prepared for all kinds of situations, such as accidents and getting your client’s vehicle damaged. Consequently, you need to carry Tow Truck Insurance. Not to mention, you always have to keep your vehicles properly insured to keep your business safe financially.

What kind of California Tow Truck Insurance do you need?

First of all, you are legally required to have Liability Insurance as a commercial truck owner. This coverage will pay for other people’s injuries and property damage if you are at fault.

You also better have Physical Damage Insurance. It will cover your tow truck in case of any damage. This type of truck insurance consists of two parts. The first one is Collision insurance. It pays for all the damage your truck got in a collision no matter who is at fault. Another part is Comprehensive Insurance that covers all the damage from a non-collision incident. While you are not obliged to carry this type of coverage, you are not really protected without it.

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