The new mobile payment platform logistics workers should know about

The new mobile payment platform logistics workers should know about
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When you work in trucking, you have a lot to take care of while on the road. There are things people don’t think about when they first start out in the trucking business. Therefore, they may be thrown for a loop when faced with certain parts of the business. For example, payment processing on the road can be tricky at times. Fortunately, there are new solutions out there to make it easier to give and accept payments. This helps truckers stress less about this very important aspect of logistics. Keep on reading to learn more about the newest mobile payment platform that can really help your business thrive.

Accept mobile payments easily

Usually, you can approve and accept payments in a variety of different manners and methods. You can swipe, tap, or dip a credit card into a terminal. Otherwise, you may have to make phone calls and fill out paperwork. Or, you may have to actually go into your nearest bank to deposit checks and complete the process.

So, what kind of payments do you need to worry about as a trucker? You may have to worry about towing services, repairs on the go, freight handling, late fees, or load accessorial charges.

Now, there’s an easier way to pay. This is thanks to RoadSync. This platform is an electronic payment provider. Founder Robin Gregg says, “I was definitely drawn to doing more in this space. There are lots of problems to be solved. I am excited about what can be done. We want to help businesses reduce paper and phone calls.”

Furthermore, RoadSync is a cloud-based point-of-sale platform. Moreover, it allows businesses to accept payments digitally. Also, it contains helpful invoice generation and workflow tools. It was built specifically for handling payments within the transportation and logistics industry.

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