Tesla is Looking to Launch its ‘Semi Service Program’

Tesla is Looking to Launch its ‘Semi Service Program’
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Tesla is starting to hire for the upcoming launch of its “Semi Service Program.” This is an exciting development for the service program for the Tesla Semi electric truck.

But the company says the first location for the Tesla Semi service program is a thought-provoking one.

Tesla is Set to Delivering its First Electric Semi-Truck Deliveries

After many years of delays with the Tesla Semi program, the automaker is going to make its first electric semi-truck deliveries available to its customers this year.

Tesla, last month, did start building a new Tesla Semi production line in Nevada. Five trucks will be building per week. Before moving the volume production to Texas in 2022.

However, there is more that company has to do before that can in fact happen.

Deployment of the necessary infrastructure to support this totally new segment is very important.

In a more specific way, the company needs to deploy the charging and service infrastructure.

As with the former, we have in fact heard that the company is working with their partners on its Megacharger. Then, directly with their customers to install charging solutions for the electric trucks at their site locations.

Tesla Service

A lot hasn’t been heard until now when it comes to service.

Service centers around the world operate hundreds of them by the company. Yet they are not equipping to service big vehicles like semi-trucks.

Servicing and Maintenance is Big Business

Semi-truck servicing and maintenance is a huge business, with the average semi-truck needing anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 in maintenance per year.

The company’s Semi is anticipating to require less maintenance per year as an electric vehicle. This is with DHL, its Semi reservation holder, it has noted, could, in fact, represent substantial savings. Yet, it will continue to have some maintenance and service.

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