Taxis Start Their Engines For Prop 22

Taxis Start Their Engines For Prop 22
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LOS ANGELES, CA – Do you remember taxis? Those sedan-sized blurs of yellow that would scream bloody murder across the street? They’re the vigilantes of every avenue, looking to seek the most likely civilians in need. You may see them as impatient, money-grubbing, horn-honkers who barely know anything about niceties. But far beyond the stereotype of taxi drivers, the Uber drivers and Lyft drivers may have to succumb to change.

This is probably due to LA’s Department of Transportation. Just recently, they said the forlorn taxi system is due to receive a big facelift.

Furthermore, there’s more urgency now than ever before with the Election looming upon us. Proposition 22 is currently holding many in contention with their ride-hail services.

Essentially, the App-Based Drivers as Contractors and Labor Policies Initiative is a means of measurement. If passed, the prop will turn independent contractors of Uber and Lyft into employees. Or more likely, cancel out the companies.

This is a big deal for California, as it means that a large percentage of denizens on the West coast could be out of a ride. Let alone a job. However, there’s always the possibility of the proposition not passing and the two companies, plus many more rideshares, skittering off, all scot-free.

Going back to Taxis, the app market isn’t to be totally forgotten. For example, Curb, the standard in New York, happens to be one of many alternatives to the Taxi meter system.

New taxi rules intend to “address a particular weakness that their industry has vis-à-vis our competition,” as William Rouse, of Yellow Cab of LA so put it. A focus group, for instance, demonstrated that a meter clicking minute-by-minute, has made passengers nervous in the past. If the fare is more than it’s worth, then it gives the passenger an unsettling feeling.

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