California Tanker Insurance

Tanker Insurance

Tanker trucks are vehicles used to transport liquids, gases, and bulk cargo. Getting such a truck for your business can be a great investment. You can ship fuel to gas stations or haul fluids like milk – there are many ways to make your investment produce money. But a tanker truck is a costly vehicle, so you can’t afford losing money on it if there’s an accident.  This is why you need to protect yourself with California Tanker Insurance.

What California Tanker Insurance do you need?

You should make sure you have proper California commercial truck insurance policy that will protect you in any situation. There are plenty of  coverage combinations to choose from that will keep you and your company safe.

Liability Insurance is required by law to operate any commercial truck. Should an accident happen, this coverage will pay for other people’s Bodily Injury and Property Damage when you are at fault.

To protect your truck no matter who is at fault, you need to include Physical Damage Coverage in your Tanker Insurance policy. Collision coverage will protect you in the event of a collision with another object.

It can also be a good idea to get Cargo Insurance to insure your freights. Naturally, the cost of this particular coverage depends on the kinds of cargo you ship.

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