Supply Chain Problems Abundant Beyond Comprehension. Why?

Supply Chain Problems Abundant Beyond Comprehension. Why?
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Because of the effects of COVID-19, the trucking industry and supply chain sectors of the United States are pretty much screwed, for the time being. The impact had on physical goods, no matter how essential the workers, has been more than fatal. It’s just godawful. The International Chamber of Shipping themselves have stated to the United Nations that there’s a “system collapse” happening around the world. Not long after that, our President, Joe Biden, made note that Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles would both be changing to a 24/7 service routine.

These California operations, as lenient as they can be, could very well be more than happy. To accept the extra workload for supply chain service. Bottleneck service is likely the go-ahead for these supply chain hotspots. But as for trucking, there’s nothing but traffic jams. And in which case, there is a vitality to the efforts of container support. Yet, everyone, from the smallest fleets to the unionized drivers, are likely to say that this is all just a phase that weeds out the weak from the strong.

Trucking is an intermodal niche, for sure. But if there is high demand for intermodal hauling, and plenty of money to be made. It takes a strong mind to get out of the gutter and realize that totally. However, some folks, like the CEO of, Nimesh Modi, is relatively glum about the whole scenario. Supply chain workers are on the ropes. “We hear the stories about truckers going away, or a driver shortage, and it’s negligence that causes a lot of this disruption. The attention to make their job enjoyable is gone. Nobody is paying attention to them.”

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