Supplies: They Come From Truckers

Supplies: They Come From Truckers
Convoy of trucks on road at sunrise
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Supplies are low. The world is facing a hard turn right now. From many under “stay at home” policies to their places of work closing down, many have run into many issues. The same issues face the trucking industry. Across the country, many stores are left empty due to panic buying. Well, who is responsible for restocking these stores? The answer is simple: Truck Drivers.

Supplies Make It To The Shelves Because Of Drivers

Due to large scale purchasing from worried consumers, many stores have been left waiting for new shipments to come in. This is in the hands of truck drivers. Across the country, drivers are tirelessly making rounds in order to restock small towns and businesses.

Pharmacies are Low: Truckers Bring It To Them

Essential supplies such as medication are low in many areas due to the lack of businesses staying open. The public has had to limit the need for necessities. In order for these places to continue to help the community at large, truck drivers are necessary in order to bring those supplies to them.

Without Truckers We Have Nothing

It is imperative that the trucking industry, from owner-operators to fleet managers have the right necessities to keep America going. Public support has grown and many have taken the independent opportunity to collect funds and supplies that many truckers need in order to make their deliveries on time. From prepaid gift cards at gas stations to fundraisers for basic supplies to schools opening their doors to provide rest stops for truckers, public support is everywhere.

“If Trucks Stop Moving, America Is Done”

Without truck drivers, nothing can happen. Food supplies run out, water and other essential necessities stop filling shelves. People are left without the proper ability to take care of themselves. Truck drivers are just as important now as they have ever been. Support has increased across the country to show that they are recognized and appreciated. For many, a small child holding a sign saying “thank you” is all they need to keep going. For others, simply knowing themselves that their job is important is what propels them to drive 14+ hours a day to deliver their supplies. To truckers across the country we say thank you!

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