Step-Deck Trailer Insurance

A step-deck, or drop-deck, trailer is much like a flatbed trailer. The difference is that a step-deck trailer has two levels. There is a higher deck that allows the second level to be lower than a flatbed trailer’s deck. It means that drop-deck trailers can carry taller loads up to 9 feet tall. They also often have ramps for unloading and are safer for forklift pickup. But just like a flatbed trailer, or any other kind of trailer, a step-deck trailer requires serious insurance coverage.

Step-deck trailers can be incredibly useful.

Do You Need Step-Deck Trailer Insurance?

Your step-deck trailer is valuable to your business. These trailers are incredibly useful in a variety of situations. They can also be expensive to replace. That’s why you need to make sure you’re covered if it’s stolen, involved in a crash, or if any other situation arises. To avoid paying out of pocket, you’ll need to carry extensive trailer insurance. That’s where SafeLine comes into the picture!

The wonderful insurance agents at SafeLine Truck Insurance will build you the perfect insurance package for your drop-deck trailer. There are many policies that go into a proper package for these trailers. The backbone of any coverage is your liability insurance. But to fully protect your step-deck trailer, it’s also important to have physical damage coverage. Collision insurance will pay in the event of a collision, and comprehensive insurance will pay for other non-collision damage, including fire or theft. Your SafeLine agent can get you a package with all of these important policies and any more that you may want.

If you own a step-deck trailer, you already have a lot on your plate. Therefore, it’s best to trust your SafeLine agent to get you the coverage your trailer needs. After all, we’re the experts!

To get optimized coverage for your drop-deck trailer, contact SafeLine’s professional agents.