Will Self Driving Trucks Replace Drivers?

Will Self Driving Trucks Replace Drivers?
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Self driving trucks have been a hard focus for a hard-hit industry. Before the events of COVID-19, Tesla revealed a new line of automated and electric semi-trucks.

Self Driving Threatens Tired Drivers

The trucking industry has had a rough couple of years. With so many skilled truck drivers leaving the workforce for retirement, many businesses have found it hard to fill the gaps that they have left behind.

Another big factor is the appeal of the position. While America doesn’t move without truck drivers, many find the hard hours, long times away from home and the dangers to be not worth the moderately low pay.

These factors have had a huge play in how the industry has moved over the past few years.

COVID-19 Hits Trucking Industry

With the country in lockdown, many have run stores dry of essential products. The truckers who are still on the clock are finding that the conditions have been even more strenuous. Low freight wages also adds to the issues that many drivers currently face.

What happens when you extend an entire industry past the breaking point?

Self Learning Can Replace People

Vehicles like the Tesla Semi do not require a driver to move goods from point a to point b. With the drivers already past many breaking points, it seems like the potential for a driverless fleets to make their way into the industry sooner rather than later.

The problem encroaches on some of the hardest workers in America. While they have proven themselves time and time again during this crisis, the thought of completely replacing them with machines would be a tragedy.

After a long battle from every possible side, drivers are facing the harsh realities that once over-extended- they will not have their position for much longer. As trucking companies across the country close their doors to COVID-19, the question remains: Will self driving fully replace drivers?

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