Peterbilt Recalled 2,500 Trucks Regarding Mirror Issues

Peterbilt Recalled 2,500 Trucks Regarding Mirror Issues
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Peterbilt, being the big and powerful trucking manufacturer that it is, has unfortunately to made plans to recall so many trucks. Specifically, 2,565 units from the model year of 2022 to 2023 Peterbilt 579 trucks regarding an issue with the hood mirrors. This is all in accordance for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s requirements in the documents. Paccar, the mother company, is certain that this is the best move. All because of the likely danger that can be caused by a hooded mirror that could hurt the drivers’ chances of managing it safely without the possibility of harness and a tether which will fall into the roadway and therefore generate a road hazard.

Truck dealerships are inspecting trucks for a wire harness while replacing the hood mirror assembly as necessary free of charge. Owner notification letters are supposed to send out around Feburary 14th. Owners will be contacting Peterbilt’s customer service line at 1-940-591-4220 with the specific recall number of 22PBF.  The Recall number itself is 22V-940.

Recalls are crucial.

Without them, there’s more of a likelihood that there will be some sort of major accident that will occur on the road. Trucks are totally in need of being consistently protected from any sort of dangers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the molded hood mirror may fall in the roadway while becoming a road hazard to up the chances of a possible crash. Owners will be contacting the Peterbilt’s customer service at the phone number of 1 (940) 591-4220.

You need mirrors to drive properly on the road.

That’s a widely-known fact. If you are the owner of one of these Peterbilts, your best bet is to best prepare by checking your commercial vehicle and making sure it’s safe enough to pilot or repair. Do yourself and the other people on the road a favor and check in on your trucks before you drive them away. There’s also an added possibility that you could even get fined for not having the proper aspects of your truck checked out for inspection. So unless you want to reach into your own pocket and pay incredulous amounts of money, it’s ill-advised at best to really disregard your duties as a responsible hauler. It’s truly all about making sure that things stay easy for everyone on the road. And as sad as it is that over 2,500 trucks have to be recalled, it’s better than the problem going totally unnoticed and 250,000 trucks having to be realized for a recall.

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