Owner-Operator Truck Insurance

When you are an owner-operator, your truck is your livelihood. It is your source of income and the vehicle that your work depends on. That’s why it is crucial to have the right owner-operator truck insurance.

Repairing your truck if it’s damaged can be extremely expensive to pay out of your own pocket. Plus, losing your truck means losing your business. That’s why your truck coverage must be comprehensive, without gaps, in order to protect you financially.

There are hundreds of thousands of owner-operators out there who need high-quality insurance coverage. At SafeLine, we strive to provide that coverage!

What Kind of Owner-Operator Truck Insurance Do You Need?

You need to make sure you have enough coverage for any situation that arises. You may be a professional driver with a reliable truck, but there are always things you can’t control. For example, there’s weather conditions, theft, and even fires. No matter how careful you are, you just can’t control these factors. That’s why you need to contact a reliable truck insurance agency.

Of course, it’s legally required to have liability insurance. Make sure you select the right limits. You need to be comfortable with the amount, but it also must be enough to cover your expenses if you’re responsible for the accident.

To protect your own truck, you also need to have physical damage coverage. Repairing or replacing your truck can turn into a financial nightmare if you don’t carry this insurance. It consists of two very important parts: collision insurance, which protects your truck if you get into an accident; and comprehensive insurance, which protects it in all other circumstances.

Bobtail insurance will cover your truck when you’re not hauling a trailer, no matter if you’re under dispatch or not. This is a gap worth covering.

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Note: every policy is unique. Your coverage may vary based on the specifics of the individual policy that you choose to purchase.