California On-Hook Towing Insurance

On-Hook Towing Insurance

If you are in a tow trucking business, you know it has special risks. All these risks should be considered when you are getting your California Tow Truck Insurance. One of the obvious risks you take is dealing with other people’s vehicles. If anything happens to the vehicle while you are towing it, you will be responsible for paying for the damage. To protect yourself in case it happens, you should have On-Hook Towing Insurance in your policy along with other coverages.

Do You Need California On-Hook Towing Insurance?

If your business deals with towing vehicles on daily basis, on-hook towing insurance is crucial for you. It will protect you from great financial losses in case the vehicle you are towing gets damaged in the process of transit. It will pay for repair or replacement if you’re at fault of the damage. On-Hook Towing Insurance covers:

  • Collision
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism

Specifics and rates for on-hook towing coverage vary greatly. They depend on a tow truck insurance provider, the kind of vehicles you tow, your tow truck itself and other details. You should talk to an experienced insurance agent to get the right coverage. You can get on-hook towing insurance only for certain kinds of vehicles. It does not cover you if you tow your own or your business vehicle or race/antique cars and boats for personal use.

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