Old Dominion Freight Line Needs To Find New Drivers

Old Dominion Freight Line Needs To Find New Drivers
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The trucking sector of the world has been insistent on finding drivers to fulfill the needs of the companies that run them. It’s no thanks to COVID-19, which essentially ruined the experience for many truckers. (Though it’s worth noting that the Drug and Alcohol ClearingHouse did away with many truckers in the community.)

You should really consider taking up a job in a trucking company if that really is something that could potentially excite you. For instance, Old Dominion has been very solid on hiring. But that’s only because they got hit hard by the global Corona Virus pandemic. The service center manager of Old Dominion, Michael Deneen has once said that “There’s been a bit of a truck driver shortage for a long time or at least been talking about truck driver shortages for a long time. But I have seen the difference, you know, two years ago, where I would get 100 applicants when I have an opening, I only get 25 now. So yes, it’s there. There’s a significant difference.”

Why people wouldn’t want to apply to be a truck driver is beyond Old Dominion.

It’s a decent job that allows for travel, friends, and freedom away from the restrictions of the offices. In which case, the COVID-19 pandemic is really still very applicable with the specific protocols, so long as you wear a mask. It all takes a lot of insistence to go through the gauntlet of what Old Dominion and other such trucking companies offer. To a degree, it almost really makes you think that Old Dominion has a bit of a track record of how fast they lost their employees. The Old Dominion staff needs more truckers to handle the resurgence of cargo loads that are supposedly coming in from all directions. It’s something to highly consider.

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