OEMs or Original Equipment Manufacturers Having A Logistical Crisis

OEMs or Original Equipment Manufacturers Having A Logistical Crisis
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OEMs are put in a tough spot. With new truck orders slowing down a whole bunch in 2021, there’s plenty of blame being put on the industry’s fractured supply chain. Of course, it’s simple to say that Equipment demand may remain or stay near record highs. However, semiconductors and raw materials included, are really hard to acquire and ship. In which case, there are truck and trailer manufacturers that will be put in the darn area of having to solve a demand problem. All the while, their production line tends to keep them held back. Of course, there’s no clear indication that the manufacturer will solve the problem, being that a year into the crisis that is caused by COVID-19.

OEMs Need To Know How To Fix The Problem.

Time is running out for those individuals who figure that alternative sourcing and assembling strategies are really going to max the product output into mobing more equipment into the market as possible. However, with fundamental issues, there’s more of a likelihood that this will all impact productivity for the timebeing. There’s little hope that extra slots are to appear in the months ahead. The order board for 2022 in Navistar’s corner has been closed for “some time now.” That is to say that OEMs are fastly depleting in the likelihood they have for retaining total awesomeness as far as logistics go.

Even Mack trucks are trying hard and fast to meet “committed delivery dates, and we will continue to communicate frequently with our dealers and customers as circumstances change to allow for them to better plan ahead.” As they’ve said in a previous statement.

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