Nuclear Verdicts Threaten Owner-Operators and Smaller Carriers

Nuclear Verdicts Threaten Owner-Operators and Smaller Carriers
The trucking industry has to become more aware of nuclear post-crash implications.
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Trucking is a lot of things. Efficient. Widespread. Reliant. But one thing it isn’t is clear. Unless we’re talking Nuclear. These toxic instances where the crash from a truck accident can get so bad, that the litigation is never sure where to start looking first. This is because truck independents are certainly more likely to look like crooked criminals. All they want to really are high-paying settlements from insurers. As an independent or a small fleet owner, there’s a large target on you. The federally required $750,000 in liability insurance shows for it. There’s plenty of data that will show most will fake it until they make it regarding nuclear stories told in order to get major payouts from trucking accidents. Some people like Larry Harlow, a Trucking Claims director will tell you after three decades that criminal truckers still rely on the nuclear option.

Trucking Accidents Are No Secret, No Matter How Nuclear.

When it comes to the legal team involved, Harlow has plenty to say. “It’s easy for plaintiffs to share information with each other. They hold seminars, they write books and papers on how to prosecute these cases. ‘Reptile theory’ is something that’s been out there for a while,” the notion that, with the right story, a lawyer can activate the so-called reptilian part of a jury’s collective brain, inspiring anger and fear to create an unfavorable opinion of the defendant – in this case, that’s you, the trucking company.”

Insurance companies often fear the need to reach a good enough settlement. All the hairiness involved takes on post-crash litigation, mitigation strategies and insurance impacts alike. The American Transportation Research Institute shows the results of the newest study analyzing smaller verdicts just under a million were only about 600-count or so.

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