Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Wait, “non-trucking” liability insurance? Isn’t the whole point of insurance to help me while I’m trucking?

While the name might be confusing, non-trucking liability (NTL) insurance is incredibly important. NTL protects your truck when you drive it while off the clock. If you’re using your truck for any personal reason, or at least any non-commercial reason, NTL will cover you.

Confused? We don’t blame you. Learn all about NTL and see if you need it!

How Is This Different from Bobtail Insurance?

Many people confuse bobtail and NTL insurance. However, they are very different, and if you don’t understand the difference between them, you could wind up in hot water.

Bobtail insurance differs from NTL in that it concerns whether you’re hauling a trailer or not. That’s because it protects only your bobtail and nothing else. For example, this insurance covers you if you’re on the clock and driving to pick up a new load. It also covers you if you’re off the clock and heading home in your bobtail. As long as you don’t have an attached trailer, this insurance covers you.

On the other hand, NTL matters when you’re not performing job-related duties. It doesn’t matter if you have an attached trailer or not; what matters is if you’re on the clock or not. Many truckers help their friends and family move on their off days, and NTL is the insurance that protects their truck while they do this.

Can SafeLine Truck Insurance Get Me Non-Trucking Liability Coverage?

Of course we can! SafeLine Truck Insurance is committed to getting you all of the coverage that your trucking business needs. That often includes non-trucking liability, as well as many other types of coverage. For example, since NTL is a type of liability insurance, we usually recommend our clients get physical damage insurance, too. This insurance will cover the damage that happens to your truck, not just to others’.

Our work goes beyond just insurance. We can help you with any DOT filings or permits you may need, too! Our team wants to help you with everything your trucking business needs.

To get your NTL insurance ASAP, get a free quote today!

Note: every policy is unique. Your coverage may vary based on the specifics of the individual policy that you choose to purchase.