Non-Emergency Ambulance Insurance

Non-emergency medical vehicles need insurance too!

Many companies provide non-emergency medical transport. People who can’t get to the hospital themselves and need someone to drive them there will hire these services. While they don’t have all the flashing lights of an ambulance, these vehicles are incredibly important. That’s why every non-emergency ambulance owner or operator needs quality insurance.

Non-emergency medical transport is a necessary service for many people. Maybe they don’t have their own vehicle and just need a ride to their doctor’s office. Maybe they have mobility issues and also need someone to help them get in and out of your vehicle. No matter the reason they need this service, they rely on it heavily.

Many governments contract out these services to providers. As a provider, you’ll, of course, need quality insurance to ensure the security of your business. You wouldn’t want to lose your vehicle and livelihood in the event of an accident! That’s where SafeLine comes in.

What Does SafeLine’s Non-Emergency Ambulance Insurance Cover?

If you provide non-emergency medical transport, our team would love to cover your vehicle. We’ll set you up with an excellent insurance package that has everything your van needs in order to stay safe. Our insurance will consist of the following important parts:

Ambulance Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the backbone of any commercial vehicle insurance policy. It protects others from falling into ruin because of an accident that you or your driver caused. It also protects you from lawsuits, which is a huge benefit to any company. Liability coverage is a must-have for any commercial vehicle owner.

Physical Damage Insurance

So, what happens if you get into an accident with someone without their own liability insurance? What if they have liability coverage but the damage to your vehicle will cost more than their policy will pay for? In these cases, physical damage insurance comes to the rescue. This coverage pays for all of the repairs you’ll need to make so your business can keep running.

Med Pay Insurance

It wouldn’t be right for a medical transport vehicle to not have Med Pay! This insurance pays for any medical expenses that come up when you get into an accident. With this insurance, you won’t have to worry about huge medical bills eating into your bottom line.

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