Hiring a Millennial Workforce

Hiring a Millennial Workforce
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Millennial truck drivers are scarce right now. Learning how to attract millennial truck drivers is critical for new employers. The current trucking crisis has seen a decline in new and prospecting applicants and many companies are wondering how they can meet the demand. With the current shifting winds for employment, how does a company reach out to the millennial generation?

Millennial Truck Drivers Apply From Their Phones

Current technologies implement more effective application methods. For many millennials, this is their main option when looking for jobs. Does your company still require an applicant to hand in a paper application? If so, this is a major deterrent. Many prospecting applicants have their resume and cover letter saved online. They can easily click an “apply now” button and both their CV and Resume will be automatically sent. This can be done from anywhere. Being able to apply online makes the process for new drivers easy and you will receive an increase in the number of applicants.

Health Benefits

Many trucking companies have increased their benefits packages in order to meet the current demand. If you speak with older and experienced truckers, you’ll hear some horror stories. The ones who have made it this far have recovered from many afflictions. They have also seen these issues in other drivers. Trucking companies have taken note of this change and have increased their benefits packages. Health and overall wellness have become a top priority for many trucking employers. This has helped decrease the stigma that the trucking industry doesn’t care about its employees.

Increased Positivity

How many people still feel that the trucking industry is for “scraggly old men”? Well, times have certainly changed. Those same people have retirement packages and are moving out of the workforce. This has left a large gap between the departure of experienced drivers to new truckers. Millennials want jobs that are meaningful. If you don’t value your employees, then you will find that your employees won’t value you. Creating driver appreciation is key to forming strong bonds between employees and can help establish a sense of purpose for your company. Millennial truck drivers do not want to feel that they are just a number. This has been shown in the current statistics. Where large-scale trucking companies are looking to simply fill their positions, many middle-sized companies have worked to establish a sense of family culture. This has seen a leg-up in applicants over mass recruiting firms.

Following these guidelines will help to secure new drivers to your company. By using these steps you will be able to create a better atmosphere and change the stigma that surrounds the trucking industry. It is no longer the atmosphere from years past. Currently, the industry has seen an uptick ion female drivers due to the increase is payment and benefits. The same benefits apply to millennials and they have a good eye as to who creates a great working atmosphere. Don’t look to fill a number, look to start a family.

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