Marijuana Not Tied To Traffic Accidents, According To New Study

Marijuana Not Tied To Traffic Accidents, According To New Study
Weed isn't that dangerous after all!
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Marijuana, and all its related and derivative products, is supposedly nonchalant with its effects towards the trucking industry. In any case, claims of “reefer madness” have been said to actually have no impact on traffic accidents.

Trucking is supposed to be free enterprise right? So why does the marijuana usage seem to be so divided anyway, regardless of it’s lack of effects.

This is all very surprising.

By the end of it, the study has had authors write up the road safety improvements in the states where they have marijuana legalization. Meanwhile the impact of alcohol abuse. The data apparently shows increased crash numbers. It’s a likelihood that marijuana becomes legal while so many young men go so recklessly driving into the night.

In the end, the study’s authors chalk up the road safety improvements in states with marijuana legalization to its impact on alcohol abuse, which data shows really does seem to drive increased crash numbers. Actually, when marijuana becomes legal, many people, including the most dangerous young men, reduce their problem drinking behaviors and increase their marijuana consumption. Much like the Prohibition Era.

They seem to have in mind the personal choice and freedoms of commercial vehicle drivers. Drivers can drink alcohol when not on the job because alcohol is legal. As long as they’re not intoxicated or impaired on the job, they’re free to indulge. But marijuana can show up on urine tests up to a month after consumption and remains federally illegal and completely out of bounds for commercial haulers. 

Professional drivers know those risks. The vast majority of drivers don’t use marijuana. Yet complicating that picture has been the rise of marijuana derivatives and relatives, like CBD, as treatments for aches and pains and alternatives to more addictive and harmful opioids. 

Joe Biden and his administration aren’t quite quite endorsing relaxed federal marijuana laws and yet the Transportation Department happens to be soliciting comments on a brand new standard for marijuana tests that would zero in on recent use. Drug testing is making the worse the industry’s workforce problems. The process of having new standards of marijuana tests would zero in on recent use.

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