Lowboy Trailer Insurance

A lowboy trailer has the lowest clearance of any commercial trailer. This allows lowboy trailers to carry loads up to 12 feet tall, which is taller than any other type of trailer. Those loads are going to be specialized loads, making the need for solid lowboy trailer insurance more obvious.

These trailers are commonly used for shipping heavy equipment and vehicles. They’re also commonly used for tall loads that would otherwise require overheight permits. It can be very profitable to have lowboy trailers. But it’s also very important to carry the right trailer coverage. With the right coverage, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to your trailer.

Do You Need Lowboy Trailer Insurance?

Even with the best equipment and the most skillful employees, you never know what can go wrong. That is why you need insurance for your lowboy trailer. Trailers like these are huge assets for your business. However, when they cause damage, they cause a lot of it. Therefore, protecting your business by protecting your trailer is the right move.

SafeLine Truck Insurance can set you up with an insurance package that has everything that you’ll need to protect your business. We’ll start you off with liability insurance, the main component of every insurance package. Liability insurance covers the cost to others if you or your driver cause an accident. While liability insurance is important, it isn’t the only coverage you’ll want. You should also have physical damage insurance to pay if anything damages your trailer or if someone steals it. There are two parts to this insurance: collision insurance will cover you if your trailer is involved in a crash, and comprehensive insurance will help in all other cases.

Contact one of SafeLine’s helpful agents and they’ll set you up with premium coverage today!