California Lowboy Trailer Insurance

lowboy trailer insurance

A lowboy trailer has two drops in its deck height. The first one is located behind the gooseneck and the second one is before the wheels. It makes the deck much lower and allows loads up to 12 feet tall – higher than any other type of trailer.

These trailers are commonly used for shipping heavy equipment and vehicles. It can be very profitable to have lowboy trailers. But it’s also very important to carry the right Lowboy Trailer Insurance.

Do you need California Lowboy Trailer Insurance?

Even with the best equipment and the most skillful employees, you never know what can go wrong. That is why you need insurance for your lowboy trailer. Specifically, you’ll need liability insurance for your trailer because it is the main part of every coverage. It is also best to have Physical Damage insurance to pay if your lowboy trailer is damaged or stolen. There are two parts to this insurance: collision insurance will cover you if your trailer is involved in a crash, and comprehensive insurance will help in all the other cases.

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