Limousine Insurance

Limousine Insurance
SafeLine provides help getting the right limousine insurance for your vehicle.

Having a limo in your business is a good investment. You can rent it out for events or offer it for other services, and it can be lucrative to do so. Many people want to live their plush dreams in a limo, after all. But as with any other commercial vehicle, a limousine needs proper insurance to keep your assets safe.

If something happens, such as an accident or a break-in, limos can be expensive to repair.¬†Because of how specialized they are, there aren’t that many limo repair shops out there. The ones that are out there know how valuable their services are, so their work becomes expensive quickly. To avoid devastating losses for you and your business, you need solid limousine insurance coverage.

What Kind of Limousine Insurance Do You Need?

For any commercial vehicle, you must have liability insurance, as it’s required by law. If your limo is at fault in an accident, this coverage will pay out to the victims. It includes property damage and bodily injury coverage, which covers the damage done to another’s property or injuries.

Physical damage insurance is also an important part of your limousine insurance. It will cover the damage done to your limo no matter who’s at fault. This type of insurance consists of two parts. One of them is collision coverage, which will cover your limo in case of a collision with another object. The other is comprehensive coverage, which pays for any other damage. Comprehensive coverage covers any damage to your limo from fire, natural disasters, or even theft.

If you hire out your limousine, you should also have Med Pay coverage to pay if something happens to the driver and/or the passengers. Med Pay insurance pays out for medical expenses, which can really save your hide in the event of an accident.

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