Kenworth NEW Certified Pre-Owned Truck Program

Kenworth NEW Certified Pre-Owned Truck Program
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Kenworth is introducing a new feature for its pre-owned trucks at the Used Truck Association (UTA) annual convention.  The new program is exclusive to Kenworth dealers and PACAAR Financial Used Truck Centers. This program allows customers to purchase pre-owned class eight trucks that are certified and have good quality in the United States and Canada. The trucks that qualify are late models that have a low mileage; these trucks come with a standard engine and auto treatment warranty coverage.

In order to get certified, the truck must pass a 150 point inspection, this includes engine, after treatment, interior, exterior, chassis, electronic, safety devices, and a road test. A Kenworth dealer technician must certify each truck, also, it must be DOT certified. The truck is also entitled to receiving a full diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning and an oil and filter change.

Kenworth trucks proceed to hold up a great reputation. They are known for their quality, fuel efficiency, and durability. The new program will officially launch in January of 2017. This new program will give truckers the confidence to purchase a pre-owned Kenworth truck knowing that it has been through inspection and is certified. Information about pre-owned trucks can be found on their website homepage Information will include photos, detailed specifications , and dealer locations.

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  1. Michael Rickard

    I like the fact that this includes the vehicle being checked out. With trucks being so expensive, it’s hard to get a good vehicle (let alone a good fleet) for transportation. For years, I’ve heard commercials for certified pre-owned luxury cars and wondered why the transportation industry didn’t follow suit. All I can say is it’s about time.

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