Insurance Companies Are Rewarding Safety

Insurance Companies Are Rewarding Safety
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Are you thinking about purchasing a new or used car? Hopefully, you are also aware of the importance of getting good auto insurance as well. There are many factors to think about when choosing a car and its insurance.

For instance, certain types of cars can change insurance rates. Specifically, a more expensive car may require more expensive insurance. Likewise, a less expensive car, such as a used car or an older model, may be less costly to insure.

Safety Ratings

However, it’s important to know about how safety ties into all of this as well. As it turns out, the safety features on a car can make a big impact on the rate of its insurance. Specifically, the safety rating of a particular vehicle can make the insurance higher or lower. Therefore, a car with more safety features built-in will have a greater likelihood of saving you money on car insurance.

So, what kinds of safety features does a car need in order to qualify for lower insurance rates? For starters, air bags, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft systems are some common yet helpful features to help reduce insurance rates.

Moreover, there are plenty of newer innovations that can really improve insurance rates as well. These exciting new features include:

  • Collision-avoidance systems. Sensors in the car are able to determine if a collision is likely to occur. Highly advanced systems will utilize the brakes in order to limit the likelihood of a crash occurring. The feature recognizes instances such as a skidding car or approaching another vehicle too quickly.
  • Adaptive cruise control. While on cruise control, this system can adjust the speed of a car if necessary to keep the driver and passengers safe.
  • Warning systems for lane-departure. If a driver is drifting out of his or her lane without using a turn signal, this system is designed to alert the driver.

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