Hyliion Teams Up With Cummins To Certify Natural Gas Engine

Hyliion Teams Up With Cummins To Certify Natural Gas Engine
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Hyliion Holdings, the hybrid powertrain maker, is a struggling company that barely was able to go public thanks to a SPAC back in October 2020. In which case, the stock price tops about $55 a share. This is before the business combination with sponsor Tortoise Acquisition Corporations. Similar to other transportation SPACs, the share price is very much under pressure. But that was until they decidedly partnered with one of the biggest names in trucking. Cummins Inc, a company that could easily swallow and absorb the hybrid company. But as it turns out, all they’ll do is certify 12-liter natural gas engine for the Hypertruck ERX. This is certainly the revolutionary turn that Hyliion has been waiting for.

The two are planning on certifying an upcoming 15-liter natural gas engine in order to market it to Class 8 trucks in 2024. Hyliion has been using the Cummins 12-liter natural gas engine in the ERX for various fleet demonstrations. Hyliion has plenty of orders for the hybrid powertrain secured by deposits. Production of the Hypertruck ERX is likely to begin later on in 2023, with the ISX12N Cummins natural gas engine. Class 8 trucks of the over-the-road variety are sure to enjoy these engines.

To get the engine certified in the ERX allows it for eligibility of three-quarters of a zero-emissions credit from the California Air Resources Board. It matches the 75 miles of pure electric range that the ERX is able to travel before the natural gas generator, being the Cummins’ 12-liter engine. J. Michael Taylor, the general manager for Cummins, had this to say: “Integrating our engine with the Hyliion Hypertruck ERX solution is key to offering our customers a portfolio of powertrains across many fuel options to meet their sustainability goals.” 

Hyliion and Cummins are on the verge of total natural gas discovery!

Of course the ERX is also qualifiable for a 100% credit underneath a pending California rule that asks for fleets to buy zero-emission trucks.

Thomas Healy, the founder and CEO, was very specific about Hyliion. “Doing this together is far, far easier than if Hyliion was trying to go at it alone. It also shows that Cummins is supporting the path that we’re on and is eager to make sure Hyliion is successful as well, which obviously is a good thing.”

Another benefit would be pertinent to the usage of hydrogen fuel to power an internal combustion engine. Of course, this is not too far-fetched from what has been Cummins’ plan for hydrogen so far. Healy continues: “We’ve been following closely what Cummins has put out publicly around the hydrogen side of things. It could be a path for us. We want to move into hydrogen when the time is right. And there are possibilities that Cummins could be supplying those.”

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