How To Get Paid When Your Broker Doesn’t Want To Pay You

How To Get Paid When Your Broker Doesn’t Want To Pay You
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Stop me when you’ve heard this one before. You get hired for a job. To transport a large quantity of blah-blah-blah to who knows, who cares-ville. When you finally arrive, it turns out the pay you rightfully deserve doesn’t come to you from your employer. So, the question remains: how to get your broker to give you your money and why? Believe it or not, this is actually way more common than you think. Which is why it’s good in the logistics industry to look towards other means of conviction if it means paying for your gas on the way back home from a long and perilous journey.

The Broker may not want to pay you, but it’s a great lesson in “how to, can do” attitude that gest the Shipper on your side!

When you have trucker haul their items across the United States, not much can be said for their wrath when the wrong things happen at the wrong times. Essentially, the carrier doesn’t care about the cargo in a way that the broker may be able to udnerstand. So that said, sometimes you really just have to acknowledge the broker as being a bit of a dummy. You deserve your pay and it doesn’t matter what you did if you reported every mishap and solved it as efficiently as possible.

So go through the shipper. As the shipper is the one paying your broker in the first place to have found someone willing (you) to transport goods. It’s the least you can do. Or do you need to read a book? A book on “how to have some self-respect?” The shipper may be way more responsible than the broker cares to admit. The best thing to do is identify toxicology in shipper and broker contracts so that you aren’t hurt. They include, such policies like no cargo limit, use of SMS methodology, nonrecourse provisions, homer provision/arbitration, the right of setoff, and indemnification clauses.

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