HistoryWe started SafeLine Truck Insurance as a small family business in 2006 in Glendale, California. We were just a tiny business starting from scratch. But we were determined to become the truck insurance agency that would be able to provide truck insurance to any driver or company in the state. That is how our history started.

We were working hard from the very first minute. We would try and help every truck driver, no matter how many points they have on their license. And we did our best to get the lowest rates for each of our clients. Our hard work brought us success, and we used it to move forward.

We moved to a bigger office in Burbank and hired professional agents to help us assist clients. Our agency was growing stronger and we achieved our goal. At that point, we were able to help any truck driver, motor carrier, or trucking company of any size.

History: SafeLine Truck Insurance Today

Today, SafeLine Truck Insurance is one of the leading commercial auto insurance agencies in the U.S. We are known for our low rates and strong partnerships with our clients. Now we work not only with trucking businesses but can insure all types of commercial vehicles.

Our motto has never changed since day one: excellence in truck insurance. Our goal is to provide every customer with an insurance policy that will protect their business in any possible situation. We also want our service to be convenient. That is why we now have a website where our clients can find all the needed info on our truck coverage and request a free insurance quote or certificate.

We are looking forward to helping your business and making it more secure. Contact SafeLine today and let us take care of you!