HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO NJ! Raining Money on a Thursday!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO NJ! Raining Money on a Thursday!
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Snow was on the forecast for New Jersey on Thursday, but it turns out something else was falling from the sky. Who would’ve known it could be raining money?

Those driving down a New Jersey highway at 8:30 AM Thursday morning ran into a storm of bills as the highway turned into a cash grab.  The scene was a frenzy as people hopped out of their cars, and onto the highway to scavenge the bills.

Occurring in East Rutherford, a Brink’s armored car was traveling West on Route 3 when the rear door malfunctioned and caused thousands of dollars to spill off the truck. Swirling in the air, and all along the highway, 20-, 50- and 100-dollar bills were everywhere.

This Brink’s employee could be seen running around the highway and attempting to grab as much cash as he could. Some good Samaritans obtained the bills to later turn them into the police.

Surprisingly, about $6000 was returned to the East Rutherford police department. The company is grateful for citizens going out of their way to return the money. Sadly, the Brinks company is still unsure exactly how much money fell out of the truck.

Meanwhile, there were still those driving on that highway, who got out of their cars to take some cash and leave. An investigation is ongoing as police attempt to use social media videos to uncover any way to track down the suspected thieves. Those caught will be charged with theft.

The storm of bills caused two car accidents. Luckily, no one was injured.

What would you do?

There are many social media videos displaying the event. Many citizens just watch as the event unfolds, and maybe snap a pic. So, what would you do in this situation? Would you get out of your car? Would you pick up the bills to later return them? Or would you just watch as the crazy event ensued?

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