Future of Trucking: FMCSA Pilot Programs

Future of Trucking: FMCSA Pilot Programs
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The future of trucking is here, as the FMCSA initiates two new pilot programs.

The FMCSA first wanted to see if having a break in the midst of a 14-hour work shit. The break would last between 30-minutes and 3-hours. Even though this would break the rules of truckers having to meet the driving deadline of 14 hours, this would improve their productivity.

Not only that, but providing a break for that amount of time should’ve already been implanted. By putting drivers on the road for that long, it increases their chances of falling asleep on the wheel. Who would want to risk that? Fortunately, the FMCSA is taking a look at this and testing this for the sake of CMV drivers.

Thankfully, they are also looking into recruiting younger drivers. Since a lot of those in the trucking industry are retiring, this leaves a gap. Luckily, the new pilot program will weigh out the successes from 18-20-year-old drivers.

The young drivers would have to put in their hours to get through the training. In addition to that, they would have to endure a training period with probation. The drivers also need to have their CMV driver’s license on hand. Depending on if they already have experience driving a CMV truck, they could be on the road in no time!

Maybe the younger drivers will offer more energy to the mix, giving the older generations a break. Having the younger generations join will benefit that gap we were talking about.

With both pilot programs, we see a bright future of trucking.

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