California Flatbed Trailer Insurance

flatbed trailer insurance

Flatbed trailers have a really simple design allowing them carry many kinds of heavy cargo such as vehicles, machinery and other objects. Even though it’s built rather simply, it is not always as easy to work with it.

Cargo is attached to the trailer and secured using chains or tarps. This process can be dangerous as loads are usually heavy. Flatbed trailers also increase your risk by increasing the stopping time of the truck. They also can fishtail when the wind is high. Because of their simple hitch mechanism, these trailers can also be easily stolen. To prevent financial losses, you need Flatbed Trailer Insurance.

Do you need California Flatbed Trailer Insurance?

Flatbed Trailer Insurance will protect you should anything happen to your trailer. If it’s involved in an accident or stolen, or if it has caused injuries or damage, this coverage will protect you. Make sure you have enough in liability to make to cover for damages or injuries caused by your trailer. You should also have Physical Damage coverage in order to repair your flatbed trailer or replace it.

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