Electric Trucks Need Lower Prices For Broader Appeal

Electric Trucks Need Lower Prices For Broader Appeal
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The Biden administration knows that making trucks cleaner will be expensive, but they want to help. Gabe Klein, who works for the government on energy and transportation, says it’s a big challenge. Right now, trucks that run on electricity cost a lot more than regular diesel trucks. A new diesel truck costs about $180,000, but an electric one can cost up to $400,000.

To make things fair, the government is giving money to bring down the cost of electric trucks. They’re also working on making charging stations more available. This isn’t just for big trucking companies; everyone should be able to use electric trucks.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made new rules to cut down on pollution from trucks and buses. These rules will be in place from 2027 to 2032 and will help avoid a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. They’ll also save about $13 billion in health benefits every year.

The EPA’s boss, Michael Regan, says these rules are important because they help fight climate change. They’re making trucks and buses emit fewer harmful gases.

But the rules aren’t too strict. They’ve been adjusted to give trucking companies more time to follow them. Even though the rules have changed a bit, some trucking companies aren’t happy. They think the goals set for after 2030 are impossible because the technology isn’t ready yet.

The American Trucking Associations and other groups say the government should listen to them. They want rules that are more realistic and won’t hurt their businesses. Some smaller trucking companies say the government is more interested in pleasing environmental groups than helping them.

However, not everyone is against the new rules. Some companies, like Daimler Truck North America, support them. They’ve been working hard to make trucks that run on clean energy. They’re happy the government is giving them more time to meet the rules.

But there’s still a problem with charging stations for electric trucks. A recent study says it could cost $1 trillion to build enough stations. The government says they’re already spending a lot of money to help with this. They’re also encouraging private companies to invest in charging stations.

So, while it might be expensive to make trucks cleaner, the government is trying to help. They’re giving money to make electric trucks cheaper and building more charging stations. It’s all part of their plan to fight climate change and make our air cleaner.

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