Electric Semi: New Semi Line Will Be Manufactured In Texas

Electric Semi: New Semi Line Will Be Manufactured In Texas
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The electric semi is a hot take right now. It is a remarkable move for the industry. For companies like Nikola and Tesla, this is their focal point.

Both companies are looking to take the reigns of the semi truck market. From Nikola focusing on Hydrogen and electric trucks, to Tesla focusing on development of more effective technology.

Well, the new Tesla “Gigafactory” in Austin will produce the first line of electric semi-trucks.

The electric semi is a savior for many businesses affected by COVID-19. Throughout the history of the global pandemic, truck drivers were left underpaid, overworked, and with little-to-no resources.

A few of the most expensive aspects of running a trucking business are the cost of drivers and the cost of fuel. The e-semi is expecting to cut down on both costs.

The Electric Semi Will Provide Self-Driving Technology

Self-driving vehicles are currently presenting a more effective stance on safe roads. This helps continue improvement for US roads. Having a safe environment will also help cut down on the risk costs for drivers.

Another aspect is the drivers themselves. Throughout the pandemic, they are overextending themselves. Not requiring a driver will help cut costs on payments. If you don’t have a driver, then you don’t need to pay a driver.

Another factor is the cost of maintenance. With fewer moving parts, the vehicles will need less maintenance. The overall cost of fixing the truck can be burdensome.

Tesla is looking to make its move into the electric semi industry while Nikola is quickly getting the funding they need to start producing their own line of electric vehicles.

The Gigafactory in Texas is looking to employ over 5,000 residents. These residents stem from anywhere within the automotive and tech industry.

The race is on as to who can have the first line of semi’s hit the road. It looks like both companies are looking to enter the industry in their own way that will benefit their sales. For Tesla, the Gigafactory is the best choice for production.

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