Dump Truck Insurance

A dump truck is a heavy-duty vehicle used to transport materials like gravel, sand, and dirt. Dump truck insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that is legally required to operate a dump truck.

When you own a business of any sort, you want to keep it protected. It does not matter if you’re a private contractor and have just a single dump truck or if you’re a company owner with a fleet, you have invested a lot in your business. That’s why it’s crucial that your investment is protected.

Dump trucks are large vehicles, and they are usually used off-road. So, whenever there is a collision involving vehicles of this size, the damage is quite extensive. These vehicles can damage roads and other vehicles, and they can certainly injure people.

This is why you need to take care of your dump truck with a quality insurance package. Insurance ensures the financial safety of you and your business. As with any basic commercial truck insurance coverage, our tow truck package includes property damage liability coverage and minimum bodily injury. This is the basic coverage you need to use a dump truck. However, there are additional coverage options that are worth looking into.

Consider the Following Truck Insurance Add-Ons:

This type of truck insurance can be required if you ship valuable cargo. However, even if you don’t need it, protecting your cargo is a great idea.

Most of the time, when you lease a commercial vehicle from a dealership, this type of insurance is required to compensate for any damage to your truck.

Let SafeLine Get You the Insurance You Need

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