Deadly Dispensary Shooting

Deadly Dispensary Shooting
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SOUTH LOS ANGELES, CA – Two people have been detained stemming from a dispensary shooting that occurred Thursday morning. One man was shot inside the marijuana dispensary in the Florence section of Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead.

Moreover, reports of the dispensary shooting located in the 8100 block of South Broadway near 81st street came in around 1 a.m. Once the Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the scene, the victim was pronounced dead. However, two people who authorities believe were connected to the dispensary shooting were detained.

Furthermore, police have already conducted an investigation. Authorities determined that the suspect fired several shots that killed the victim. The marijuana dispensary has not yet been identified. Additionally, the identity of the suspect has not been released either. However, the victim is said to have been between the age of 25-30, and an employee of the dispensary.

Additionally, the marijuana dispensary according to police officials is not a sanctioned business. In fact, officers believe it is an illegal cannabis location.

Police are still determining whether the two men detained are suspects, or if there are others on the loose.

Therefore, investigators are talking to witnesses and reviewing footage from the surveillance cameras. However, a motive still has not been determined.

Anyone with information pertaining to the shooting should contact the Los Angeles Police Department.

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