COVID-19: Thank You To Truckers

COVID-19: Thank You To Truckers
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COVID-19 has many people stocking up on supplies. For many small businesses, having products on their shelves is what is keeping them alive. With countless people waiting in line at stores across the country, it is up to the trucking industry to make sure people can obtain the necessary products.

Non-perishables like soup, ramen many other canned goods have been in short supply as many are getting ready to wait out the storm. Without truck drivers, many will not have these.

Basic cleaning supplies like soap, laundry detergent, disinfectant, and yes – toilet paper would not be filling the shelves if not for truck drivers.

During the COVID-19 emergency, it is important to give respect to those on the road. While some may have families that they can stay inside with during self-isolation, truckers do not have that liberty. They still maintain that the job of supplying America is an important one if we are to be safe.

COVID-19 And The Industry

While even now, the trucking crisis that has been working at the industry for years is still in effect, the truck drivers of America are still pushing through in order to resupply consumer stores everywhere. Where the industry has seen a lack of new drivers, the ones who have stayed and continue to drive are pulling more weight than regular. We respect your work.

During times of crisis like these, the trucking industry and truck drivers across America are often overlooked. Where public service officials and health officials get a lot of credit for what they do, truck drivers often do not. Your efforts from coast-to-coast do not go unnoticed. We here at Safeline Truck Insurance applaud the men and women currently away from loved ones in order to make America a safer place.

Thank you.

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