Container Insurance

Containers are used to ship cargo over long distances and are built to fit many modes of transport at once. They can be moved from truck to rail and ship without the cargo being loaded and unloaded.

Most dry freight containers look like long, enclosed steel boxes. They are easy to use and ideal for various types of cargo. Containers often travel over long distances, so it is not always easy to find an insurance company that provides container insurance. It takes experience and knowledge of the industry to build container insurance that works.

Drivers and motor carriers usually do not own the containers. They are on lease from the company that ordered the shipment. Most ports will require you to carry proof of some form of container insurance. This insurance helps assure that the container returns in the same condition it left in. Organizing container drop-offs is one of the most complicated parts of shipping to and from ports and rails. Not only does the container need to leave the port, it needs to be returned to use again. Any driver knows that creating reservations, waiting to return containers, and dealing with logistics is not an easy task.

Container Insurance That Is Right for You

Intermodal trucking, which is trucking that uses containers, requires specially designed insurance policies. After all, the container niche in the industry is growing, and intermodal truckers have to meet all the requirements. With SafeLine Truck Insurance, you can take comfort in knowing we’re protecting your container completely.

SafeLine Truck Insurance understands the demands of this specific type of insurance. Our professional agents will include all the needed coverage in your policy and make sure you get the lowest rates possible. Your policy will meet all the requirements and protect you financially in every possible way. There will be no gaps in your coverage.

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