Consumer Goods Remain Strong

Consumer Goods Remain Strong
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Consumer goods have remained a strong point within the trucking industry. Where the overall business of trucking has hit a bumpy road, this section has continued to grow despite the industry decline.

Why Do Consumer Goods Strive?

The answer is simple: we are consumers. We still need toilet paper, silver wear and other amenities in order to survive. Truck drivers who have moved into this field have a sense of job security. People will still buy the products that they ship. Most people need laundry detergent, fabric softener, beds – you name it. Small purchases and weekly items are one of the strongest industries on the market right now. It’s no wonder that many truckers within this section are keeping their jobs.

Manufactured Goods Have Taken The Hardest Hits

Where consumer goods are still striving, manufactured goods have taken the hardest hit. Due to sanctions imposed by both the US and China, the manufacturing of automobiles and electronic goods has taken a back seat. This has lead to a sharp decrease in the industry. With less manufactured goods to ship, less is required for truckers to move them.

In fact, the deficit that manufactured goods has seen has created layoffs amongst the already hurting truck driving industry. Reports show that Mack, one of America’s most tried and true commercial trucking vehicles, has decided to lay off 13% of its driving workforce. This equals to approximately 300 drivers. This has been a flagship for other companies to do the same. While the growth of the US economy is projected to grow steadfast in the upcoming year, the trucking industry is heading in another direction With Volvo and Daimler not far behind the trucking giant, a layoff is expected to be made across the manufacturing section of each company.

Correlating To Trucking Crisis

The trucking industry is still well within a deficit for new drivers. New bills proposed by California, AB5 more accurately, have also tightened the choke-hold that the current industry is in. With many manufacturing drivers looking to make a switch, the consumer goods aspect of the industry seems to be the expected jump for many.

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