Cargo Insurance

Let SafeLine protect your cargo!

Does your business transport or ship goods? Save the heart of your company with cargo insurance! This policy protects your freight, the most essential element of your business.

Cargo insurance provides coverage for truckers who use their vehicles to haul cargo. Whether you haul on a for-hire basis or are part of an international shipping conglomerate, insuring your cargo is incredibly important. What if an unexpected event, like a storm, theft, or accident, occurs and your cargo is no longer usable? Don’t risk losing your business and livelihood due to an external cause. Act now to protect the bulk of your business by purchasing a cargo policy!

Cargo Insurance Pays for Stolen, Lost, or Damaged Freight

The great thing about this policy is that it doesn’t matter why your cargo was damaged or lost. Our insurance covers it no matter what the circumstances! Your policy will pay for the full value of whatever you had in your trailer, van, or other hauler. It’s no wonder why most shipping companies that work with for-hire carriers require you to have it!

Note: If your commercial vehicles transport any dangerous goods (hazmat, liquids, toxic gases, etc.), you’ll need a more specialized policy.

SafeLine Truck Insurance Can Insure Your Freight

Whether you are an owner-operator, a small trucking business, or a fleet owner, SafeLine Truck Insurance can help you! We work with a variety of insurance companies and can help you easily get the best insurance policies for your business.

Need help deciding what is right for you? No problem! Our agents will walk you through each step of the process. No matter what type of commercial truck or trailer you use, we can help you get coverage!

This includes:

…and more!

We’ll explain all the logistics and requirements so you can get back to business and leave your worries behind. Don’t wait for an accident to happen and your freight to get damaged or lost – get cargo insurance now!

Contact us at SafeLine Truck Insurance today for more information or to receive a free quote for a cargo policy!

Note: every policy is unique. Your coverage may vary based on the specifics of the individual policy that you choose to purchase.