Cargo Insurance Rates

cargo insurance rates

The only way you can save on your cargo insurance is to shop around and see what companies offer the best rates. Plus the price for cargo insurance depends on what cargo you include in your policy. For example, coverage for hazmat will cost more than coverage for produce.

So apart from the obvious, what can you do to lower your cargo insurance? There’re several things that will help you get the best available price.

How can you lower your Cargo Insurance rates?

First of all, you need to get quotes from several insurance companies. You want a sampling to get a feel for what the going rate is. Obviously, it’s not wise to simply choose the first place you reach out to.

The key is to be smart when you’re getting a Cargo Insurance policy. There can be all kinds of cargo on your policy, but the more you have, the higher the rates are. Consequently, don’t include types of cargo you do not typically haul. After all, if something changes, you can always alert them to a new type of cargo you’re carrying.  A good company will work with you.

Also be careful setting limits and your deductibles. By choosing a higher deductible, it can bring the price down significantly. However, make sure you’re comfortable with the amount.  Lower limits can also lower the premium, but they also must be able to cover you if anything happens to the cargo.

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