California Bus Insurance

bus insurance

When you run a business that relies on buses, it means that you also hire drivers to transport people and are responsible for them. Consequently, you need to be sure you have coverage for your vehicles and possible passenger injuries. Bottom line, you need good bus insurance.

Types of commercial buses are classified by their use. There are charter buses and party buses, school buses and tour buses. Tour buses and charter buses are hired more rarely, but at the same time they usually run greater distances and cross state boundaries. School buses, on the contrary, run in limited areas but are used on a regular basis. Plus, they transport children.

Because all buses are used differently and for different purposes, they require different bus insurance coverage. It is important to discuss the options for your commercial insurance with an experienced agent in order to protect your investment.

What kind of Bus Insurance do you need?

It’s essential to have liability insurance for your bus or buses. It covers your business if there’s an accident and your driver is at fault. There are two parts to liability insurance. Property damage will cover the expenses if other vehicles or property have been damaged in the accident. Bodily injury will take care of medical expenses if a driver or passengers in another vehicle have been injured.

Another type of bus insurance coverage that’s important to have is collision insurance. If there has been damage to your vehicle, it will be covered no matter who’s at fault.

Because you deal with the passengers, you also need to have medical coverage. It will cover your medical expenses and those of your passengers who don’t carry health insurance.

To protect yourself from losing money in case of theft of your bus, vandalism or fire, you need to have comprehensive coverage that will pay for the damage other than collision.

It is also good to have under-insured motorist coverage on your California bus insurance. In this case, if your bus is involved in an accident and another driver is at fault but doesn’t carry enough insurance, you’ll still be covered.

When operating a bus for your business, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want to make sure you evaluate them all so your business is protected.

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